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Would I have a crush on you? (girls only)
everyone has this quiz but i couldnt think of anything else

1. Whats the most important to you?
2. Are you a romantic?
i like some romantic stuff but not a bunch
it depends
romance is for losers; i just want to get laid
3. When dressing up on date, what would you wear?
skinny jeans and tight shirt
whatever feels comfortable
super short skirt and revealing top
shorts and t-shirt
4. Would you go on roller coasters at an amusement park?
of course, thats my favorite part!
no - it might ruin my hair
they kinda freak me out but i`d be willing to try
5. Whats ur favorite part about a relationship?
holding hands
making out
the close bond and love you can both feel
doing it
6. How do you think you look? (i`m not asking for the looks, its about how much you think of urself)
ok looking
slightly under average
hottest thing ever
7. How many bfs do you have at once?
usually only one
just one, id never cheat on someone
um....its a secret
as many guys as i like so idk, 10+??
8. When you see a guy that you think is cute what do you first think?
"Wow, he`s cute!"
"i see some bf material right there"
"He has cool shoes" LOL
"i hope he likes sluts"
9. Do you like the idea of a skater dude who is always cracking jokes, is actually nice (lol), and spends a lot of time finding different ways to have fun?
sounds ok....i guess
sure, i`d give it a shot
thats perfect!
10. Um...i cant think of anything else. lol
um.....lol (??)
hahaha its ok
yeah whatever
hah sucka!

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Created on:6/3/2008 7:06:12 PM
Made by:itstheduck

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