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.Would you hate me or like me?
idk tell me what you got!!!!

1. I play the drums.....any problems with that?
the drums are so cool!
ewww who would wanna play drums?
ehh what ever
i dont really care...
2. I run everywhere I go. I`m almost never walking......
same here!
I don`t have a problem with that.
I hate running!
i don`t even know how to run!
3. I skateboard alot to.
thats cool
whats a skateboard? ^_^
i hate uuuuuu
4. I smile waaaay too much and I laugh at reealy stupid things....
Good I can make you laugh!
stupid say what???
5. last one... I`m obsessed with skittles
ME too!
who cares? me: why are you taking this quiz then?
u failure

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Times Taken:3,041
Created on:5/22/2009 7:29:03 AM
Made by:emily31

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