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Harry Potter Sorting Hat
figure out your hp house (e)

1. You see your friend geting killed by Lord Voldemort (a.k.a.tom riddle) what do you do?
You save him DUH!!!!
You let him die
you cry histericly while shouting "Avada Kedavra!"
You atack Voldimort with every spell that comes to mind and when your done you start to cry
2. You go to the ministry of magic and Death Eaters come what do you do?
Run away! RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!
i would jion them they are so COOL!!!!
defend your self and your friends with every spell, jinx, and curses that you know
Every witch or wizard for them seves defent you and only you
Think of some realy complicated plan that you and only you would understand and put it in action
3. pick a spell any spell
rictumsempra(ticking he he he)
expelliarmus(you all should know if not disarming idiots)
sectomsempra(deep cuts in skin)
flipendo (knockback jinx idiots)
ventus (burst of swirly wind)
4. pick a hobby (picture not of me)
exploding snap
5. Triwizard tournament is coming up!What do you do?
Study the history of the tournament
you think of some loop hole to the aging line like Fred and George
Put your name in the cup no mater what the rules are
No way you are so to chicken to even go near the cup
6. which house do you want to be in? (will not affect out come)
7. rate or comment? (will not affect outcome)

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Created on:12/14/2007 5:02:15 PM
Made by:pupluva24

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