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What Harry Potter Charecter Are You  quiz. Are you Good or Evil   Do you belong in Griffondor or Slytherine   Take the quiz to find out  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Harry Potter Charecter Are You?
Are you Good or Evil? Do you belong in Griffondor or Slytherine? Take the quiz to find out!!

1. How close are you and your friends?
I would die for my friends!
We are pretty close but i have some secrets I want to keep to myself.
Friends are only good for pranking and laughing with!
I have no friends! I don`t need any!
2. What is your favroite color?
3. Do you think you are good or evil?
Good all the way!
I don`t know. I guess i change.
I am nothing but EVIL!!!
4. If someone was dying infront of you, you would..........
Try to help to the best of my abilty
Depends on who they are
If i was trying to kill them i would end their suffering and finish them off.
I would sit there and laugh as I watched the lights leave their eyes!!! HA HA HA!!
5. If you could change your self into any animal, what would it be?
A Lion
A Serpant
An Owl
Anything but a spider!
A Cat
A Weasel ( their really sneaky)
6. How would you describe yourslef?
Very modest and loyal
Sneaky and Witty
I`m a bookworm and love to learn
I`m no bloody coward that`s for sure! ( maybe just a little bit)
Funny and prank-like
Wise and full of riddles
100% EVIL
7. Would please rate this quiz?? ( pretty please)

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Created on:11/5/2008 7:09:43 PM
Made by:painoplayer

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