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What Harry Potter Character are You  quiz. Are you Hermione Granger  Harry Potter  Ron Weasley or someone else   Who are you  Find out by taking this quiz   e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Harry Potter Character are You?
Are you Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley or someone else? Who are you? Find out by taking this quiz (e)

1. When you are put in a situation you
take charge
find the best option
compare it to something you read in a tabloid
Make a joke about it
try to make it worse for someone else
Turn to your friends for support
2. When it comes to studying you
tend to rely on another person
do very well
Have some subjects youre good it and others you`re not
Just don`t care
would rather do something fun
3. Your mood is usually
all over the place
4. You tend to look at your friends as
potential prank victims
everything to you
5. When you`re older you want to be
A government official
a leader of lots of people
an ivestigator of supernatural
A small shop owner
a teacher
6. When it comes to rules you
break them if it`s important
Always break them but just for fun
Break them, but never seem to get caught
Think that they are a conspiracy to keep people under control
7. In your spare time, you enjoy
Trying to be better than others
Prank calling people
Hanging out with your friend
telling stories to friends
8. You live
In an average household
In a small house with lots of people
In a big house with nice furnishings
In an unwelcome household
In an apartment
9. You`re childhood was
full of love
full of jokes and laughter
In strict order
full of interesting information
10. your longing in life is
to find out what your purpose is
do something great for everyone
Have as much fun as you can
to have power
to prove something in science
You don`t know yet
11. If one of your friends was in trouble you would
Beat up who ever caused the trouble
come immediately to their rescue
Find get another friend and tackle the problem
cheer them up with a joke
Help them by comparing it to something in a magazine
Think about the most logical way to help them
12. Your friends would say you were a
13. When it comes to relationships you
Are easily liked, but shy away
Have never been in one
Have had a few serious relationships
can easily find a date

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