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Harry Potter 7 min in heaven (girls only)
don't worry, i'll make a guys one later!! :-)

1. What kind of guy do you like?
the sexy guy
the hero
the nerd
the jokester
2. Why do you like a certain guy?
he`s funny
he`s my best guy friend
he`s sweet
his couragousness totally turns me on ;)
i really don`t know...
he`s HOTTT <3
he does my homework(he is sooo smart)
3. how do you spend your weekends?
hangin w/ my besties
trying to prank my brother/sister. THEY`LL NEVER SEE IT COMING!!! HAHAHA!!! ;)
why do you care...exactly?
4. how do you feel in the morning
imsotired...=_=...i think im pmsing...
yea!! new day here i come!!
i should pretend im dead so i dont have to do anything!!! GREAT IDEA!!!
meh...i`l just fall asleep in class anyway. =_=
5. what is your ideal date?
a walk on the beach under a starry sky...
a quick dinner and a movie
what? i dont want to DATE them!!!
i dont know...im shy
excuse me?
[walks away]
HAHAHAHAHA!!! your stupid! :)

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Created on:12/13/2011 7:07:11 PM
Made by:dinocorn

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