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Harley Quinn Ultimate
my computer won't let me download pics, so...yeah.

1. What is Harley`s full name?
Harley Quinzel
Harleen Quin
Harlem Quinzel
Harleen Frances Quinzel
Harly Quinz
2. What is the name of Harley`s love? (even if he doesn`t always love her back!)
Bruce Timm
The Joker
Two Face
The Flash
3. In the film Suicide Squad, which actor portrays Harley?
Mia Sara
Tara Strong
Margot Robbie
Hynden Walch
Arleen Sorkin
4. In BTAS, which actor portrays Harley?
Margot Robbie
Arleen Sorkin
Hynden Walch
Meghan Strange
Tara Strong
5. Which two nicknames does Harley call the Joker?
Puddin` and Honey
Puddin` and Mistah J.
Honey and Darlin`
Sweetie and Mistah J.
6. Which fellow female villain does Harley befriend?
Black Canary
Queen Bee
Poison Ivy
Killer Frost
Kara Zor-El II
Talia Al Ghul

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