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Which Happy Bunny Saying Are You?
just some of the sayings of the famous Happy Bunny.

1. Are you mean to people you don`t like?
Yes! They deserve it!
No everyone deserves to be treated nicely.
2. Are you a bit selfish? (be honest!)
What??? Me???? .......Yeah
No way I think of everyone before me!!....most of the time
3. Do you like always being right?
Yes! It makes me feel powerful!
No.I`m usually not right so...
4. Are you sneaky and do you love pranks?
Yes! I play a prank every day...don`t look behind you
No that`s not my style because everyone would get mad and...
5. Do you live your life great every day?
Yes!! I`m very into my life right now!
No who cares we`re going to die anyway
6. Are you good at persuading people?
Yup! I get everything I want!
No they never believe my stories...
7. Do you care about other people`s feeling?
Yes!!! I have to make sure they are happy!
No who cares they are not me.
8. Are you a rebel/daredevil?
Oh yeah! I just ordered a cannon to be shot out of!
No way!!! Think of all the risks!
9. Do you pay attention to others a lot?
Yes! They have important things to say!
zzzzzzz....oh.....What? I`m still taking the quiz?!
10. Are you ALWAYS innocent?
Yes *stares at me with big trusting eyes*
Fine....not really.

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Created on:7/24/2009 9:36:39 PM
Made by:Rabbitears

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