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Happy birthday Justin Bieber  quiz. Today is JB s   th birthday  you can like or hate this quiz  i don t care  i thought i would make a b day quiz for him Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Happy birthday Justin Bieber!
Today is JB's 17th birthday. you can like or hate this quiz. i don't care. i thought i would make a b-day quiz for him.

1. Do you like JB?
2. Do you care if it`s his birthday?
yes. happy birthday Justin!
Nope. he can fall in a ditch for all i care.
3. Happy birthday Justin.
yes. Hope you have a good day.
Who the hell cares?

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Times Taken:6,283
Created on:3/1/2011 4:41:55 AM
Made by:sporty101

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