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Would I hang out with you  quiz. Yeah  I know everyone and their mom has this quiz  so I thought I d be cool and make one  too   Have fun  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Would I hang out with you?
Yeah, I know everyone and their mom has this quiz, so I thought I'd be cool and make one, too. Have fun!!

1. The most common question that everyone LOVES....What is your favorite color??
Blues, greens....
Reds, yellows...
Blacks, purples....
2. What kind of music do you like?
Rockin` and rollin`
Little bit of everything
Hill Billie country
3. What kind of foods do you like?
Greasy goodness
I`m a health nut
I`m a vegetarian...soy milk rocks!
4. What is your favorite cereal?
Captain Crunch, any or all flavors
Cinnamon toast crunch
Fruity pebbles
5. If we`re just at the house wondering what to do, what would you suggest?
Going on a walk through the woods, nature is awesome!!
Going to the outlet malls, shopping is awesome!!
Going to the gym, working out is awesome!!
6. What is your favorite kind of dog?
A small one like the taco bell dog
A medium one like a beagle
A big one like a golden retriever
7. If you have a hot date with the coolest guy/girl in the whole school, but I called you crying would you break off your date?
Yes, our friendship would mean more to me then some guy/girl
No, come on! this is the coolest guy/girl! We`ll have a sleepover this weekend.
I would do both, call them and change dinner to lunch, and come over afterwards.
8. What games do you prefer?
Solitare or something else that you can play on the computer, online or regular
Group games such as Cranium or Monopoly
Group games such as D&D or Magic.
9. Out of these three, which is your favorite TV show?
Family Guy
The Simpsons
10. Alright, this is the last one, and probably the most important....What color hair do you have? Be honest!!

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Created on:4/28/2007 1:34:39 PM
Made by:Carolynn

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