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Handwriting Analysis Test
How does the way you write describe your personality? (e)

1. How would you say your letters slope?
Straight up and down
2. Are the letters in your words:
Fully connected, with clear breaks between the words
Partially connected, depending on the letters
Unconnected, like printing
3. Between words, do you leave:
Wide spaces
Narrow spaces
No spaces - words are connected, pen doesn`t leave paper
4. How close together are your lines of writing?
Very far apart
Apart far enough that the letters do not touch
Close enough that letters almost overlap
5. What color ink do you prefer?
Light Blue
6. How large, usually, is your capital I?
Larger than other capital letters
About the same size as other capital letters
Smaller than other capital letters
7. Does your writing:
Slope upward on the page
Go straight across the page
Slope downward on the page
8. How much pressure does your writing show?
Fine and spidery
Firm and even

About This Quiz
Times Taken:175,110
Created on:6/21/2007 11:40:32 PM
Made by:RukiaXReaper

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