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Which Halo Covenant are you?
There are Covies and then there are Covies. Which one would you be?

1. You are in a lineup and someone cuts in front of you. Do you..
Step back
Yell insults and shove the person out of line
Follow him home later and throw rocks at his window.
Call security and have him expelled.
Pick up a rock and pound on his head
2. There is a car crash. You are first on the scene. Do you..
Run away as fast as you can
Charge in and rescue the victims
Laugh hysterically.
Look for the nearest lawyer`s office
Go and hit the one who caused the accident.
3. Your team has won a world championship event. You react with..
Meh. Not a big deal.
Leap up and cheer until your throat is raw.
Run into the streets and set fire to cars.
Complain that the score wasn`t higher.
Go to a bar and pick fights with fans of the other team
4. They have cancelled your favourite show. You..
Start an email campaign to have it brought back.
Stomp around fuming and sulking.
Find some other show to follow
Wreck your TV
Make plans to attack the network
5. What condition is your video game controller in?
Falling apart
Totally trashed
Well worn but looked after

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Created on:5/27/2007 12:09:58 AM
Made by:beerswiller

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