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What Halo character are you  quiz. find out if your a hero like master chief  or a idiot like a grunt    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Halo character are you?
find out if your a hero like master chief, or a idiot like a grunt. (e)

1. Do you like The Energy Sword
Yes, Who dosn`t?
No, Im no noob
It`s okay for closed areas
I Love it, it makes me fell safe
2. What do you do when you enter a battle
Run around
Stand and fight
Get a Big Gun
Kill all who stand in my way
3. What is your favorite weapon.
Battle Rifle
Energy Sword
I have None
4. What is your favorite Vehicle
Scorpian Tank
5. Are you a noob
Whats a noob, is that a Candy?
No, who do you think i am?
No way, im great at halo
6. Do you like the Shotgun
Yes, i love it
No way dude
Shot gun hurt me.
sort of
7. What are you
A human
A Flood
A alien
8. what is halo for you
A weapon that must be destroyed
My way to the next life
I Don`t care what it is, i want it for myself
it make big boom, it cool
9. Do you like halo 3
can be better
ya, i love halo 3

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Created on:3/6/2008 9:16:22 PM
Made by:HaloRuler

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