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Which HAIRSPRAY Character Are You?
Find out which hairspray character you are most like. (e)

1. This Saturday what are you going to be doing?
Out making a difference in the world!
Out partying even though my mom forbids it... hehe
Hidin from the most scarriest thing in the world... yiks!
Helping people who need me...
Prettying my sexy self up to go out on the town..
What ever I feel like doing... cuz it`s not like anyone is going to tell me not to!
Staring at a picture of my true love... Even if I already have a boyfriend/girlfriend....
2. If you were introuble by someone What would it be for?
For standing up for what I believe in
For disobeying my mother or father. They are sooo strict!!
Trying to convince someone to stop what they are doing
I don`t know what I`m in trouble for I just am....
Trying to get rid of certain people... Grrrr I hate them!!!
I can`t get in trouble.... I`m perfect!!
Checking out my true love while my girlfriend/boyfriend was around.... oops
3. If a cop picked you up what would you do to stop yourself from going to jail?
I don`t care if I go to jail as long as I fight for what I believe in!!
Anything that get`s me away from the family... They`re crazy!
Cry and beg not to take me!! Pleeeeeeeze don`t!!!!!!
I don`t know what I would do after all I don`t know what I`m in trouble for....
Just show some sexyness that the cop can not resist... ooo yea
I always get my way... If I tell them to let me go... the will let me go!!
I would apologize for what I did... I`m soooorry!!!
4. Do you always get what you want?
If I believe it`s right I will fight until I get it
No I Never get what I want... :(
Sometimes not all the time
Yes I go and get it myself....
Yes my mommy get`s me everything I want
All exept for the love of my life :`(
5. If you could have a tv show about your life what would it be called?
Stand up and Fight!
My Phyco Mom
Overcome the Challenge
I Can Make you Laugh!! :)
I`m too sexy for anyone!!
My Perfect Boyfriend
I Love Her/Him
6. Which steriotype describes you best?
New Girl
the Best Friend
The unpopular
The Nerd
Sexiest Person in the Whole World.. duh!
Sexy Spoiled Brat
Pretty Boy/Girl With Actual Feelings No One Understands
7. Are you Upbeat and Cute, or Sexy and Calm
Upbeat and Cute
Sexy and Calm

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