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What H O charector are you  quiz. omg  i lust love love love love love love love love love love love this show    no rude coments plz Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What H2O charector are you?
omg, i lust love love love love love love love love love love love this show!!! no rude coments plz!

1. would u say u were a rebel?
maybe a little
im brave, but not a rebel
who cares?
2. in school, u r....
the average one
the science master
the new girl
the shy one
the rebel
again, WHO CARES?
3. are you obssed with H2O just add water?
yes yes yes yes! (me: yay u!!)
omg! no!
4. ok, what would be so cool?
if i could freeze water
if i was super smart... wait! i am!
if i could get away with anything, even dating my fathers enemy
if i could boil water
if i could shape water as i wish
if this quiz would end
5. if u became a mermaid, how would u want to find out?
when i went for a swim
when i get soaked in the sprinkler
in the bath or shower
i wouldnt want to be a mermaid. i dont even know why im taking this quiz
6. u a boy or girl?
7. do u have an attatude?
only sometimes
when i dont get what im fighting for
me? an attatute? yes.
bla bla bla
8. are u dating anyone right now?
i have a crush.
i was, but it turned out that he/she was a jerk
yep. im Madly in love with them!
not really. i was goin out with someone, but we are just good friends now
9. what do your parents bug u about the most?
they bug me to be the best
they dont really bug me
yes! my father just hates my boyfriend! (or girlfriend)
my dad is a "heidy ho!" kind of person. he drags me into junk that i dont like
this has to do with this HOW?
10. are you shy?
nope. ok, i do get kinda crazy around my crush.
no. people think of me as to brave/smart
me? shy! no! im not shy and never will be

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Created on:8/4/2009 6:26:39 PM
Made by:writerchick

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