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Which H O character are you  quiz. H O is a great show on nickelodeon  It is about   girls that have water powers and are mermaids  You should watch it if you haven t already  By taking this quiz  you will learn if you are most like Louis  Cleo  Rikki  my fav character   or Emma   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which H2O character are you?
H2O is a great show on nickelodeon. It is about 3 girls that have water powers and are mermaids. You should watch it if you haven't already. By taking this quiz, you will learn if you are most like Louis, Cleo, Rikki (my fav character), or Emma?

1. First of all, are you a boy or a girl?
A boy
A girl
2. What color is your hair (when it is not dyed)?
Other (black, red, etc)
3. Is your hair more straight or wavy?
4. How do you wear your hair mostly?
In braids/pigtails.
In a little ponytail.
In a bun.
Just down.
5. Do you wear long skirts?
Well - they aren`t long but I do wear skirts.
Only sometimes.
6. Are you in love with anybody currently?
Yes but they don`t love me back.
Someone loves me I think but I don`t love them back.
Yeah we are both in love!! <3
7. Do you swim?
Actually I`m afraid of water.
Yes I am on a swimteam.
Sure I like to
Nah I`m not a huge swimmer.
8. Pretend that your friend`s fish just died and she`s really upset. What would you do?
Tell her that it`s just a fish and that all it does is swim around!
Comfort her, of course!
I bet my fish is the one that died. I have pet fish.
9. Say someone did something mean to you. What do you do?
Just ignore or try to solve peacefully.
10. Do you think that science is the answer to everything? Are you scientific?
11. Are you a good student and always organized?
Yeah I`m actually quite smart and I pay attention.
For the most part.
No, not really.
12. Choose a power to have.
Move water around.
Freeze water.
Heat up water.
I`ll pass with the water powers.
13. Are you empathetic?
kinda I guess sure.
What does empathetic mean?
14. Do you enjoy fishing?
No it`s boring.
Kinda it can be fun sometimes.
YES I love to fish.

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Created on:4/28/2008 11:37:01 AM
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