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What kind of guys are you in to?

1. What grades would you like them to have?
Straight A`s :)
B`s and C`s
D`s and F`s <3
The guys i like dont go to school
2. They:
love to make fun of you (maybe in a sweet way <3)
skate 24/7
ditch school
play soccer
go to strip clubs
signed up for after school activites
3. Do they have to be hot?
Ofcourse they do!
Kind of. As long as they`re not ugly
No, i dont care about looks
4. How would you like to be asked out?
By a Valentine`s day card :)
Over the phone
An invitation to a strip club
Randomly asking you on myspace
Idc, i just want everyone to be watching when he does
5. Whats your favorite hobby?
Stripping ;D
Designing clothes :)
Laughing for no reason :D -laughs-
6. Who do you like the most out of these? (thats ryan sheckler btw) i know, he`s hot!
Ryan Sheckler
Chace Crawford
Pete Wentz
Brad Pitt
Ed Westwick
David Archuleta
Edward Cullen!
7. What would you most likely to be doing with them?
Laughing at people we don`t like :)
Listening to music with them<3.
Going on a vacation to the Hamptons!
You already know what i`m doing with him -wink wink-
Studying with him

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Created on:12/7/2008 4:24:20 PM
Made by:sakurasan

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