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Which guy will you end up with? (Great Endings)
You are invited to a party and you all play a little game.

1. You`re friend invites you to a huge party; You soon discover that boys are later coming as well. You think...
"Oh... Boys? Well maybe if I found somebody I knew.. I could talk to him... but maybe not. "
".... Okay"
"I thought we were going to work on our Writing project!"
"Well maybe I can preform a song for them maybe."
2. Once everyone has arrived, your friend calls everybody in the living room to play a game..
Okay then!
Okay. fine by me
Games are stupid.
3. The rule of the game is for guys to put their name on a sheet of paper and to put it in the hat. Girls need to choose one paper and find the person with that name. The guys will be found with the tag they received earlier.
Okay. Seems easy enough
I could be at home- working on my project..
So we get to hook up with guys?!?!?! YEAAAAAHHH
Okay. Fine by me
4. But first.. I want you to answer some questions about yourself.
Okay then!
Ugh. Scram.
Go ahead?
5. What kind of music do you like?
Club music! Anything that is on the top of the charts and has a great beat!
Classical music. Anything that helps me concentrate
The music I remake.
Soft music. Anything calming is great.
Songs that aren`t discusting
6. What do you like to do on the weekends?
Party. Party and Drink and do it all again.
Play video games
Make music!
I like to read and write.
I try to volunteer on the weekends
Sleep. Zzzzzzzzzz
7. Do you consider yourself a good person?
Well.... No.
... I can`t really answer that.... I mean...... Who... How can you ask.... yourself that?
Well.. I do a lot of good things. I serve the community. I hang out with good people, I help out too
I don`t know....
8. What is your favorite season?
Summer. It`s when guys only wear shorts ;)
I like Winter.. It gives me more things to write/sing about
Autumn. Its a quiet, peaceful, season.
I can`t choose. They are all equally pretty.
Spring. That`s when the flowers bloom.
9. What do you think of school? Do you do good?
I hate School. It`s stupid. Whoever made it up should be dead. I fail... but so what?
I.... have no feelings....towards.... School I`m just an.. average Joe when it comes to grades?
I don`t really find it that big of a deal. I get normal grades.
I think School is great! I`m one of the top students.
Meh. It depends really.
10. What do you like to drink?
Water. Its healthy and is flavorless.
Alcoholic beverages and Energy Drinks.
Whatever is in the fridge?
11. If you can be any animal.. what would it be?
A Dog. Loyal and always by your side
An Owl. Goes unnoticed in the night
an Elephant. Has a long memory.
A Polar bear. The Killing machine and the lord of the arctic.
A songbird. To create beautiful melodies.
An animal I made up in one of my stories
12. You reach into the hat and pick out what piece of paper?
The one with the neatest handwriting
The one in tiny print.
The one with music notes all around it.
Which ever one I grab first.
..... I don`t know. The cleanest one?
13. Do you think you will choose the right person?
No..... I don`t know... Maybe.. I don`t even know why I`m here.
Of course I am! You have to be confident right?
Well you have to take risks.. and you need to believe.... I should write that down and make a song!
I guess so.
Well of course! Either way I would love to make a new friend!

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