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What kind of guy is your type?
Who are you subconsciously attracted to?

1. What clothing style do you look for in a guy?
T-shirt and jeans.
Plaid shorts and a popped collar.
Skinny Jeans and plaid scarf
Glasses and tie
2. What`s your ideal date?
Friday night football game
"Study" session
Dinner and a movie
Skate park
3. What trait do you look for most in a guy?
A Way with Words
Athleticism and Humor
Likes music and likes to have fun
Personality is nice and attentive
4. Favorite food
Junk food
5. How your guy handles money
Leaves great tips, and a lot of presents
Saves for the future (even if it means you don`t eat out often)
Makes good money and spends a reasonable amount on you!
Doesn`t spend a lot on you, but since when does love cost a thing?
Kind of cheap, but makes up for it with your birthday presents
6. What do you name your child?
7. How your guy defines LOVE
It`s the deep feeling where the vein meets the soul in a collision of combining emotions
It`s when 2 sexy people get it on!
It`s wanting to be with a person more than anything else in life
It`s needing her more than I`ve ever needed or wanted someone before
Love can`t really be quantified but it seems to be some sort of chemical reaction in the brain.

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