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which guy is for u? (gurlz !or bisexual/gay guys only!)
????so many questions????

1. what`s ur style
2. color
black or any other dark color
Bright colors
gold, green LIKE MONEY
any color
hot colors like lime green, or hot pink
3. which music
Rihanna any rap/hip hop singer
any music
ACDC any rock
Mozart any quiet/classical music
eletronic like hellogoodbye
4. ur looking for wat kind of guy
Stong ABS!!!!!!!!!!!!ABs!!!!!!like 6 pack
Creative and lay back
mysterious(me:i love this type)
smart and handsome
a guy who can skateboard and smoking HOT!!
5. do u want someone who is good with u (not talking about sex for those pervs out there.)-_-
WELL...DUH!!!!(me: AGREED)
nuh i like my man MEAN!!(good luck with that)
6. willu rate/comment/pm
7. SEE YA!!!!!!good luck
thanx u 2

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Created on:12/2/2008 7:28:12 PM
Made by:XxMcrxXkaty

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