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What kind of gum are you?
Gummmmm... which kind are you? (e)

1. Ok, 1st, how do you usually chew gum?
You don`t really know..
2. Do you like sports?
Yes I play & watch.
I watch, but don`t really care to play..
I play for fun..
I don`t care for sports..
3. You`re at a party.. whose is it?
Your own party!!
Your friend`s party..
Your teammate`s party..
You don`t go to parties..
4. Lastly, What kind of flavor do you prefer?
You like it sweet..
You like it sour..
You like it all!! SAVOR THE FLAVOR!!
You like anything minty..

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Created on:8/13/2007 2:59:40 PM
Made by:bellabrizzle

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