Are you guilty of sharing TMI (too much info)? Quiz at Quiztron
Are you guilty of sharing TMI (too much info)? quiz. Ever wonder if you`re sharing just a bit too much information about yourself and your surroundings? Find out! Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you guilty of sharing TMI (too much info)?
Ever wonder if you're sharing just a bit too much information about yourself and your surroundings? Find out!

1. There’s a motorcycle rally in a few weeks. You have tons of friends that could join and participate and you jump online to…
Make an informative post on Facebook for all your friends to see.
Look up the Facebook page for the rally, like and share.
Tweet about how you can’t wait to “bite the big weenie”
Mention the rally in your status and about how you’re looking forward to it.
2. One of your children got into some trouble at school. To let off some steam, you post about it on Facebook. Saying…
“This local school system and its staff stinks! Leave my kid alone!”
“My son is having issues at school. We have a conference tomorrow. Wish us luck.”
You post something inspirational about getting through tough times.
“This is not my day.”
3. You had a cupcake at Cup-O-Cake in the city while visiting your cousin. You hit the web-ways and post an image of the frosty, swirly goodness with…
“Look at this thing! Diabetes here I come!”
“At Cup-O-Cake stuffing my face.”
“Chilling @CupOCake with my girlie #cupcake”
Picture of a cupcake with a filter to make it perfect.
4. A Facebook friend sounds off about how displeased he is with the current government ongoings. This strikes a chord with you, so…
You update your Facebook status calling out said friend by name and try to publicly embarrass him.
Comment aggressively on his post about how you disagree, but respect his beliefs.
You just like your friends status and say nothing to avoid an argument.
You share his status hoping it does all the talking for you.
5. The internet at home is out so you pick up your smartphone and complain about it by…
Post on Facebook asking if anyone else nearby is experiencing problems.
Instagram a seflie showing your boredom - and your boobs.
Tweet “OMG, FML!!!”
Say nothing. Who cares?
6. Dinner at Pizza Barn was horrible. The food was cold and the service was rude. You tweet…
@pizzabarn Y’all need to get your act together! #pizzabarnsucks
Frowny face not directed at anyone.
Wow...worst pizza (and waitress) ever @pizzabarn tonight. #madmomma
Hi @pizzabarn: My food was cold and didn’t get any drink refills! #disappointed
7. The neighbors are being loud again. Facebook is where you do all your complaining. The status update you post is…
“I’m so ready to move. Hate this place.”
“These jerks next door are about to get a wake up call. From the Po Po!”
“Anyone available to help me crack some heads?!”
“Loud neighbors again :(“
8. Hangin’ pool-side with your girls when someone loses a top in the water! Snaps all around as your friend tries to cover herself. You immediately...
Post a pic of the pretty pool, mentioning nothing about what just happened.
Update your status with a frightened-face pic of your friend, along with “LOL!”
Tweet “It’s unfortunate when people find joy in other’s misery”
Tweet “Holy boobs, Batman!”
9. You’re really upset about your ex dating a close friend to both of you. Emotions run high as you update everyone on the situation.
Post a pic of a sad clown.
Share a brownie recipe you just found on Pinterest.
Add “F@*$ them!” on your Facebook status. And tag them.
Stalk all your mutual friends’ profiles and comment about what big “jerks” they both are.

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