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How gross are you?
So are you totally gross or very clean? (e)

1. How many times do you bathe/shower a week?
Like almost everyday!
3-4 times a week
1-2 times a week
none i bathe once every 2 weeks
2. Do you pick your nose?
Yeah all the time
no! i would never do that!!
Yeah but only when know one is looking
yesh and i shove the greener on somones back
3. Have you ever p*ssed in the sea?
no i use a toliet when i go to the beach
yeah all the time...doesnt everyone?
yeah and i do poo poo in there aswell
4. What do you do when you burp?
Say excuse me and put my hand over my mouth
just say excuse me
make it as loud as possible and laugh
blew it in someones face!
5. Do you use deodrant every morning?
Hell yes!!
nah only when i feel sweaty
whats that?
no i let my stank linger around me

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Created on:12/2/2007 3:03:46 PM
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