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How green are you?
Find out if you are a tree hugger or a trash dump

1. What you go shopping, what must you always have?
My money da!
My purse made from recycled coke bottles
My re-use bags. Dont leave home without them!
2. When you leave a room you....
Turn off the lights and go
Turn off the computer, CD player and everything else
Leave everything on
Turn off lights and put computer in sleep mode
3. What kind of container do you drink from?
Paper cup
Plastic cup
4. Oh! You just got a great deal on a new outfit. What makes it even better?
It has my fave singers pic on it
It is made from recyled cotton
It has that plastic stuff on the hem
5. You are at the park and have a picnic. What do you do with the trash?
Leave it. Someone else will get it
Recyle what can be, and throw the rest in a waste basket
Throw it away
Burn it
6. Do you think that people should be nice to animals?
I guess so
7. You are at a nature park when you see an animal that seems hurt. What do you do?
Leave it
Call a park ranger. They will know what to do
Feel sorry for it, but walk by

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Created on:9/20/2009 9:24:44 PM
Made by:writerchick

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