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What Greek God Is Your Parent 2
Lets Find Out

1. Who Is Your Favourite God
Zues. Obviously
Posiedon. Of Course
Hades. Easy Choice
Athena. Definitly
Hera. Duh
Aphrodite. Of Course
Artemis. Definitly
Hermes.Easy Choice
Ares. Duh
2. Someone Tells You That You Have To Do A Quest Far Away. What Do You Say?
Let Me Watch The Storm First Please?
Can I Ride A Dolphin To There
First Let Me Bring Some Molotovs.
First Let Me Think Up A Plan
Ok But Can I Bring My Best Friends? They`re Girls.
First Let Me Say Bye To My Bf/Gf
Can I Go Hunting For Food First
Can I Practice My Archery First
As Long As I Can Pwn Some Noobs
Say "Ok" But Later Before Your Quest Steal Things To Help With The Quest.
3. On The Way To The Enemy`s Island You Find A Creature And Your Friend Names It James.
Say Whats The Use Of Keeping It
Say Umm Does It Live In The Water
Say Well Maybe We Could Use It As A Distraction For The Enemy
Say Throw Back Where It Came From
Side With The Other Girls
Say Ive Hunted One Of Those Before
Say Well Could I Use It For Target Practice
Steal It And Run
Say Lets Kill It!
Say Its So Cute
4. When You Get Back From The Quest What Do You Do
Watch More Storms
Visit The Underworld
Go To The Ocean
Think Up A Plan On If The Enemy Comes Back
Talk To Your Girly Friends
Check Out Your Hair And Makeup
Watch The Moon Rise
Watch The Sun Rise
Steal Some More
Bully Little Kids

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Created on:4/20/2014 1:56:39 PM
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