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What grade do you act like your in?
find out here!

1. ok, you`re in your room. It`s very:
neat cuz my parents organized it for me
neat, its the way i am
kinda neat, kinds messy
2. what would you say if you saw this picture?
i see London i see france, i can see your underpants!
mummy, i don`t get it!
thats not bad at ALL
common baby
3. ok, so you did something wrong and the teacher finds out, what do you say?
i sry *starts crying*
he did it
what ya gonna do? send me to the principals?
4. you come home from school and you have A LOT of hw, what do do?
start it immediately
watch tv; my excuse is the dog ate it (me; that is sooo lame)
do it while watching tv
give it to my older sister
5. what age r u?
5- (me; get off this site)
6. have you ever looked something up online just to see what would come up?
haven`t we all?
what do you mean?
7. ok, your going to a party. You get there and there`s other kids there, you say?
lets get away from this adult talk!
mummy, i went poo poo
what party? i`d be driving my own car to the movies!
i want to sit and talk for a while guys
8. An adult asks you a question, you answer...
a long and detailed description
give a little bit of info
don`t really say anything
9. you couldn`t live with out ur...
cellphone, ipod
10. Do you listen to your parents?
yes, your parents are the most important thing to you (me; good advice)
no, im not at that stage
i do whatever mummy says
11. kk, don`t kill me f it comes out wrong, these quizzes r hard ;)
ok :)
no, i kill u
thank-you for the quiz

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Created on:7/5/2008 11:06:17 AM
Made by:ayla101

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