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Which Gossip Girl character are you?
take it and find out :)

1. How do you get someone to like you?
idk, they just do!
well, i just get anything and anyone i want
idk, i guess they just like me because i`m hot
i honestly dont know
2. You just read about a hot new fitness trend, so you:
Buy a dvd and try it out at home
Call your local gym to see if they`re offering classes in it, and if not, suggest that they do
Decide to kick back and go for a stroll even though it sounds fun
3. You and your crush have:
A more complicated history than Romeo and Juliet
Flirted heavily, but not sure if you like him or just want more excitement
Made out, but not sure if you`ll have a future together or not
4. When you go to a party, you:
Try to be friendly to people even if you don`t know them
Enter like you own the place
Get so nervous that you can`t even walk in the door
5. This fall, you`ll be into this beauty trend:
Red Lips
Long, wavy hair
A smokey eye
6. What are your plans for the future?
i want to go to college ofcourse, but its not my top priority!
i want to be an actress!
wherever the ``it`` girls are, thats where i`ll follow

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Created on:8/22/2008 11:02:13 PM
Made by:sakurasan

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