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How good with make up are you?
A quick quiz to test your make up expertise!

1. To you, mac is:
An expensive type of make up, I have some myself.
Oh..erm a type of cosmetic?
A burger?
2. Lipstick best worn?
Subtly to enhance the lips, plumping them.
Put on for a night on the town
Smothered on, outside the lines.
3. Blue eyeshadown?
Very 80s
Not for me, ta
How can your eye have a shadow?
4. Where would you apply eyeliner?
Inside the rim of the eye
Wherever it doesn`t make my eyes water
Around the nose
5. Manscara and Guyliner?
Ahhh very chic, makeup for men!
For trannies, a bit odd
Gay porn?
6. Clear mascara can be used for two thing:
Moisturising the eyelashes, or shaping the eyebrows
an undercoat for mascara, or something for children?
Never heard of it
7. Remember please comment! :)
I`m too busy doing my make up
Yeah ok, I put on some makeup afterwards
Nahhh... too busy putting make up badly

About This Quiz
Times Taken:2,208
Created on:7/16/2009 7:23:02 AM
Made by:mchelen

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