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Are you a good singer?
Uh, singing is fun! (e)

1. Are you in a choir?
I was, but i was kicked out!
2. Do you sing often?
not really
i try to.
3. When you sing, what do your friends say?
Help us!
They fall Asleep!
They don`t really listen
4. What does your family do when you hum?
Pray that i stop!
Tell me to stop
Throw me out the house!
Praise my talents
5. If you sang in a room full of mirrors and glass. . .
The glass would vibrate a little.
It`s as though the room was spit shinned!
Nothin` happens
Help, it`s shattering!
The glass sparkles.
6. When you sing. . .
Ears bleed.
People ignore me.
7. Lastly, has a music teacher ever attacked you?
She still is! HELP!!!
If you mean attack with praise.
Uh, NO!
Huh, wasn`t listening. . .
8. Sing!!!
No thanks...
Heck NO
Cover Your EARS!!!

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Created on:11/29/2007 7:35:44 PM
Made by:WhateverGrl

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