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Are you a Good Sibling? (For people who have brothers or sisters only)
Find out if you're a good sibling by taking this quiz.

1. Your little sibling scribbled all over your drawing for art class. What do you do?
Punch them in the face
Scribble all over their drawing
Scribble over their favorite book
Stay calm and think happy thoughts, then ask them why they drew all over it
Smile at them, let them scribble on it, and make a new one
2. Your parents have told you to babysit your little siblings while they go to the store. After your parents leave, your siblings spill juice all over your favorite pair of jeans. What do you do?
Say, "Stop it, you mannerless stupidos!"
Glare at them but stay calm, clean juice and change your jeans
Shoot a nasty look at them and spill juice over their pants
Remain calm and clean up the juice, and change the jeans
Laugh, smile, and have a juice-spilling party
3. You go to the dentist and find out you have five cavities. When your older sinbling finds out, she starts teasing and making fun of you. What do you do?
Run into her room and break her iPhone
Break every electronic thing she has
Say, "You are the annoyingest, jerkiest person ever."
Say, "You`re weird ..."
Ignore her
Laugh with her and "jokingly" tease her back
4. Your little sibling knocks over your bike, and the handlebar and bell broke. What do you do?
Break their bike (Me: or whatever they have)
Stick out your tongue and glare at them
Say, "You`re a meany."
Stay calm and call your parents and see if they can fix it
Smile at your sibling and say, "You do really like bikes, huh?"
5. You want to watch TV, but your sibling (little or older) is already watching something. What do you do?
Yell, "Get out of here," then grab the remote and change the channel.
Push your sibling off the sofa and change the channel.
Say, "can you please move?"
Say, "Move it, (insert their name here)..."
Ask them politely if you can watch TV now
Wait until they`re done and then watch your show

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