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are you a good person

1. a boy is crying on the road what will you do?
beat him
dont care its not me
ask why are you crying
2. a vallet is fallen on the road you know whos vallet it is and there are $1000 in the vallet what will you do?
buy clothes accecorries chips etc with them
dont care its not mine
take it and donate to an orphanage with my name
take it and give it to the owner of the vallet
3. a boy is crying for a toy and he dosen`t have money what will you do?
buy the toy and show off to the boy who is crying
dont care
buy the toy and give off to him
4. rate or comment ?(effect is there)

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Created on:5/4/2011 3:13:01 AM
Made by:shruthi12345

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