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Are you a good friend?
Find out whether or not you are a good friend.

1. Your best friend tells you a secret. You…
Tell everyone
Tell a couple people
Tell only your best friends
Tell no one
2. Your friend loves One Direction but you hate them. When they start talking about 1D, you…
Roll your eyes and start dissing the band
Ignore your friend and play on your phone, rolling your eyes
Listen for a little while, then interrupt to do something else
Listen to your friend talk, then after they`re done, you do something else.
3. Your friend accidentally spills soda on you essay for English. You…
Yell at them and tell them that they`re not your friend anymore
Get mad at them but then say it`s ok. You keep bringing it up though
You get mad for a second, then smile and say it`s ok
You say it`s ok and offer your friend another soda
4. Your friend offers you $500 for no reason. They`re rich. You…
Take it! $500 can buy a ton! You don`t say "thanks"
You say "thanks" and you take it. Then you hug and go to the mall
You say no thank you, but they insist once, and you take it
You`re grateful for the offer, but you say no. After 10 minutes of insisting, you finally agree
5. Your friend is crying. What do you do?
Ignore it and walk away. Hopefully they didn`t see me!
Say "what`s wrong?", but they don`t answer and you shrug your shoulders and walk away
Ask them what`s wrong and sit by them for a little while
Ask them what`s wrong. Comfort them. Sit with them till they feel better
6. You`re friend isn`t very pretty. They ask you if you think they`re cute. You…
Say "no way"
Say "ehhh", but you`re still my friend
Say "beauty is only skin deep", and don`t reply
Say "omg you`re beautiful!"
Say "i like you just the way you are, and you have a beautiful personality
7. When a friend comes over, you…
Take over. It`s my house, I lead.
Offer suggestions as of what to do, and you complain when your friend says no
Offer suggestions but let your friend decide. You`re happy just to have your friend there!
Let them pick completely. They`re the guest
You pick together. If one doesn`t like it, you don`t do it

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Created on:7/6/2013 10:14:29 AM
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