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Are You A Good Friend?
Title says it all!!!

1. You just brought a new shirt. You`re friend comes to greet you with a milkshake in his/her hand. He/she accidentally spills the milkshake all over your new shirt. What do you do?
It`s fine. I just go return the shirt
I`m extremely pist! I stay mad at him/her for a few days, then forgive him/her
OMG! I hate him/her so much! I yell at him/her & tell them I`m not their friend anymore forever!!!
2. You`re friend needs to borrow your bike just for a minute. It`s brand new, but your friend needs it badly because it`s an emergency. What do you do?
I make up an excuse so I won`t have to give it to him/her
Sure! I give it to him/her. He`s/she`s my friend and besides, it`s an emergency
Ugh, tell them NO then run away
3. You`re at a supermarket and you accidentally drop all the tomatoes off the shelf. What do you do?
Blame it on your friend and then run away
Blame it on your friend a little, but still help to pick them up
Tell the truth and pick them all up
4. There`s a fight between your friend and the popular group at school. What do you do?
Help your friend and be against the popular group
Just walk away before you get into the fight
DUDE! They`re popular! I`m sooo on the popular side. Someday I`ll be popular too! Screw my friend!!!
5. There`s a play at school. You and your friend are the main characters. The day of the performance, you say all your lines. When it`s your friend turn, you notice they got stagefright. What do you do?
Pretend his/her stagefright is part of the play
After the play, stay mad at your friend for the rest of your life because they made you look bad
Blush, get off stage, and after the play, be mad at him/her but forgive him/her afterwards
6. Hi
HI! What`s up?
Uhhhh, hi???????
WTF! Who the hell says `hi` in a quiz??? Go away!!!
Does this affect my grade?

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Created on:12/7/2011 4:45:56 PM
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