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Are you a good friend?
Find out if you are the worlds most untimate friend or a loser friend

1. You`re in the middle of painting a room...right in the middle of it. Your friend calls you crying because some guy is banging on her door and won`t leave her alone. What would you do?
Say, it`s going to be ok. Let me finish painting this room and I`ll be right over.
You say, I`ll be right over! Get in your car and leave.
You wouldn`t even know what she had to say because you saw the called ID and didn`t pick up
2. You and your bud go shopping. She picks this outfit and it really makes her look fat...everything about it awful, but she LOVES it. Would you tell her?
Yes, honesty is the best policy, plus I don`t want her looking like a fat @$$
I would in a way, I would tell her that I don`t like the outfit, but it`s her outfit so whatever
No, I wouldn`t tell her because it`ll make me look better for when we go out
3. Your friend just broke up with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, you`re out with your wonderful, sweet, perfect boyfriend. She calls you crying. Would you go to her?
Yes, no doubt in my mind, chicks before dicks
I would talk to her and tell her I would see her tomorrow
No, I`m on a date, it doesn`t matter if she`s unhappy, that`s what she gets for picking loser guys
4. Your friend is totally in love with someone. But you know for a fact that that someone is cheating on her, you know it wouldn`t matter if you told her or not...would you tell her anyway?
No, I`d let her find out for herself
I would tell her, when she said I was lying, I`d say whatever, I know what I saw
You`d tell her, when she said you were lying, you`d do anything to make her realize that you weren`t
5. Your friend is dieting and it`s so hard for them to lose weight. You don`t care about your weight and love fast food, chinese, ect. Would you still eat it in front of her even though you know she loves it but doesn`t want to eat it?
Yes, why shouldn`t I? I don`t want to lose weight
Yes, it`s my favorite, but I would tell her it was awful so she wouldn`t even want it
No, I could go without fast food a couple times so she`s not tempted.
6. Speaking of losing weight, she also wants you to join the gym with her. She really wants to lose, and who likes going to gym alone?
Tell her you would, but, have a bad knee, and don`t want to screw it up more
You go, excercise never killed anyone, plus she`s your friend, you guys could make it fun
No. Flat out, no I will not, don`t ask me again, I already said I do not care about my weight
7. Your friend is always talking about this guy. She really likes him a whole lot. Well, that guy just happens to like you and not her, and you actually like him, too. What would you do?
Go out with him, when she asks about it , tell her it was a rumor
You don`t go out with him, and tell her that she could do better than him so forget about him
Don`t go out with him and tell her the truth and that she can do way better
8. Someone shoots at you you....
Drop to the floor, you`re not getting shot
Run out in front of your friend, you don`t want them shot
Jump and knock your friend over as you fall to the ground
9. Your friend tells you that she has herpes. She begs you not to tell anyone. Then she calls you a slut behind your you tell everyone?
I make an announcement that she has herpes; I know I`m not a slut, but she really does have herpes!
I tell some people, not everyone, hey, they deserve to know!
You don`t tell anyone. You know she must have been mad about something and find out what about
10. And the last one....your friend has a terrible drug problem, you`d have to be blind not to see it. She tells you not to tell anyone, but she`s really really bad into it and needs help. Do you tell her mom?
No, she`s my friend and I would never rat her out like that
Of course, she`s your friend and she needs help, her mom could provide for her
I don`t tell her mom, but I tell the school nurse. Telling someone is better than telling no one.

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