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Are you a good flirt   Girls  quiz. Here s the task  You re on a first date  and the guy you re out with has been your crush since forever  He let s you decide where you guys are gonna go  You say the movies Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you a good flirt? (Girls)
Here's the task. You're on a first date, and the guy you're out with has been your crush since forever! He let's you decide where you guys are gonna go. You say the movies.

1. Let`s just say you don`t have a car of your own. Your mom volunteers to drive you guys to the movies. You`re pretty sure your mom`s gonna embarrass you. So you...
Let your mom take you, but make sure she doesn`t have your baby pictures.
Tell your mom thanks, but beg your older sister who has a car to take you instead
Ask your date if you guys could ride your bikes instead
Tell your date we shouldn`t go to the movies.
2. So, you`ve arrived at the theater, and you`re stuck between a chick flick, comdey, or a horror. Which one should you choose?
Chick flick, the best way to fall in love
Horror, when something scary comes along you definately want to be in his arms
Comedy, you want to make sure that he always sees a smile on your face
I told you I didn`t go to the movies!
3. Time for snacks. He`ll let you choose anything you`d like because he`s so sweet like that. You choose...
Skittles, taste the rainbow
M & Ms, chocolate is always the candy of love
Pop Rocks, you definately wanna see the expression of his face!
Didn`t I tell you I didn`t go to the movies?
4. It`s time for the movie to start. Where should you sit?
The aisles, the perfect place to be if we wanna escape
The middle, the perfect view of the movie
The very top, nice view, and perfect place for some romance
Should I spell "I didn`t go to the movies" out for you!?
5. The movie was great! But now it`s time to get home........ So you talk on the way back, whatever the transportation, and then he walks you up to your door. You...
Say you have an amazing night, and you want to go out another time
Say you had a wonderful time and wish him a good tomorrow
Joke about how funny he looked when he tripped over a soda can
That`s it, you clearly don`t get the "I didn`t go to the movies" concept

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