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Are you a good Boyfriend  boys only  quiz. This quiz will let u boys know if you deserve your lady    Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you a good Boyfriend?(boys only)
This quiz will let u boys know if you deserve your lady. :)

1. On your first date where would you take your date?
the movies
a resteraunt
the hang out at the mall
your grandma`s basement
2. For her birthday you give her...
an expensive necklece
a ripped up tebby bear
a rose
a cheap make up kit
3. Your watching a movie with your girl, you...
wipe a booger on her
whisper you look hot tonight
kiss her cheeck
put your arm around her
4. Your girlfriend just told a lousy joke, you....
say haha that was funny
say that was stupid
stare at her blankly
5. You hear from a friend that your girlfriend was going to dump you, so you...
start to cry
say so what I don`t need her she`s a b****
go to her house and give her flowers and chocolots
confront her and ask why
6. You go shopping with her and she asks if the jeans she is wearing makes her look fat. What do you say?
no no you look beautiful
maybe you should try on those over there?

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Created on:5/28/2008 7:33:56 PM
Made by:ocean93

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