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How good are you at text talk?
Test how well you can text talk

1. What does `G2G` mean?
Girl to girl
Got too go
Georgeous, too georgeous!
Got To be Gone
Got to go
Generate the georgeousness
2. What does `NVM` mean?
Not very much
Never mind
Never Very much
Never much
3. What does `kl` mean?
Kay (okay) lol
Klever Lad!
4. What does `LOL` mean?
Lots of love
Lots of laughs!
Laughing out loud!
Lots of lies
Love or lie
5. What does `LMAO` mean?
Lots more as often
Laughing my a*se off
Laying my a*se over
laughing my arms off
6. ROFL?
Rolling on the floor with laughter
Rolling on the floor laughing
Riding on floor loving
Rolling on the floor with love
7. `JST`?
Just saw that
Jokes, saw them
Just sit down
8. What is an emoticon?
A smiley
An abreviation
A spelling mistake
A type of phone
Bad language
9. What is this?>> :`(
A face with a spot/zit/pimple
A crying face
Abn annoyed face
An ill face
A face with freckles
A sad face with a nose
10. `:) ??And that??
Raising one eyebrow
wearing a hat
got an idea
Smiling face
11. :[ this?
chewing something
fed up and annoyed
12. What does this mean? `URGR8M8`...
You rate great mates
You`re a great mate
You rule, great mate
13. `Dw`?
Don`t wear
Done worrying
Don`t worry
Done watering
Don`t win!
14. Did you enjoy this quiz?
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Created on:8/30/2011 11:33:17 AM
Made by:bethyboop

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