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How good are you at roleplay?
Thai quiz shows your true talent at roleplay-ing

1. What is roleplay?
Huh? Who said anything about socks!?
Roleplay is roleplay! It`s simple enough!
2. How often do you roleplay?
Every 12-24 hours
Um...... Never?
Y,know... Sometimes
What is roleplay again?
3. Do you know how to minecraft roleplay?
What is minecraft?
Yeah! That`s where I do all my roleplay!
I prefer to do mine in real life...
Is that even a question! Minecraft roleplay=life!
I hate all kinds of roleplay!
4. Alright last one! Do your friends like roleplay?
No way they hate it!
I don`t have many friends...
What are friends?

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Created on:9/28/2016 4:38:54 PM
Made by:KitKat783

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