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How are you gonna die? [awesomely awesome quiz!]
Well? (e)

1. You walk past someone across the street who looks to have twisted their ankle....What do you do
Are you kidding me?I AM the one with the twisted ankle!
Go running through the zooming cars to help them!!! I don`t want to make them wait any longer!!!
I will wait for the cars to pass then quickly run across to help them!
I`m too busy with my own problems to worry about someones twisted ankle....
Go over there like I`m going to help them....Then laugh at them!!!
2. Say you were the President of the United States, what would you do out of these choices?
WAR WAR WAR!!!!!!!
Try to run ir right, but I know I`d mess it up somehow.....
I would probably fall and die just walking up there to say my acceptance speach thingie...
Try to make the world a better place....
I would become a dictator......duh!
3. What do you see in this?
To fairies coming holding hands
A butterfly
The Grand Canyon
This is so stupid....
Two people falling =[
4. What should you be/should you have been voted in high school?
Most likely to suceed....
Most likely to die an early death haha!
Is there a most likely to fall and break their face?
Meanest person alive LOL ( more like mwahahaha!)
Most shy....
5. If you could have one thing in the world, what would it be out of these choices?
A gun......
The guarantee that nobody would attack me while I was walking...
Two words....You....Dead....
To never fall again....Oh, That would be nice...
To be able to bungee jump off of the Empire State Building! Whoot!
6. Will you leave me a comment?
NO! I hate you and the quiz!!!
I have my own worries, I don`t feel like commenting...not sorry.....
I would probably mess up the comment anyway....Spell something wrong...Put the wrong thing down...=[
And I`ll type with my toes!! Or maybe my nose!!! whoot!!!

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Created on:6/8/2007 11:17:49 PM
Made by:ditzy_chic14

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