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Which Goddess lurks in your soul  quiz. The Goddesses of ancient Greek mythology fled their world when man no longer worshipped at their altars  Legend says they were shattered each like a mirror  and shards of them fell into people around the world  Which Goddess inhabits you Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which Goddess lurks in your soul?
The Goddesses of ancient Greek mythology fled their world when man no longer worshipped at their altars. Legend says they were shattered,each like a mirror, and shards of them fell into people around the world. Which Goddess inhabits you?

1. Do you enjoy things relating to plants? ei. Gardening, Horticulture, Botany, etc..
Hardly. Plants are nothing more than a resource to be exploited.
I enjoy plants but I can kill them just by glancing at them.
Green thumb? My entire hand is green. Anything I touch blossoms!
2. In school or college, which subject did you do best at?
Physical Education
Home Economics
3. What`s your sexual preference?
Hetero all the way baby!
I`ll switch teams as the mood fits me!
Gay Gay Gay GAY! and loving it!
4. Would you rather have book smarts or common sense?
Book Smarts
Common Sense
5. Which secret unknown to man would you wish to know?
What`s the Meaning of Life?
How did everything in the cosmos come into being?
What happens when we die?
6. Would you consider yourself to be........a little.....sex crazed?
I need it 24/7 from whoevers sexy and offering!
A few times a week don`t hurt....
I like sex, but only with my monogamous partner...I ain`t no slut!
I don`t have sex because it`s squishy and wet!
7. Is knowledge the ultimate weapon of power?
Who cares?
8. Do you think leadership is one of the top three most important qualities?
Again, I ask....WHO THE HELL CARES?! Anyone have a beer?
9. A powerful enemy is dead at your feet, by your own hand. What do you do with the body?
Mulch him and spread him in your Rose Garden
Toss him into the blackest darkest corner of the universe
Skin him, and wear his pelt like a trophy!
You have servants who do this for you...why dirty your own hands?
Assume his identity and wreak havoc with it!
Save parts to use in potions and brews against your next enemy.
Throw a blanket over him and begin to make love to your latest lover.
Walk away. You`re much to lost in thought to bother.
10. LAST ONE and it`s simple! What`s color looks best on you?
Golds or yellows
Pinks and Reds
Greys or pale greens

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