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What God of War character are you?
the title tells it all

1. Are you violant
Violant enough to kill you
violant, but not that way
i`m a lover not a fighter
i`m too crazy to fight
i have others do my bidding
2. You need to sacrifice one of your own to continue your quest, will you
the gods demand sacrifice. i must comply
Never. I must stick with them to the end
I`m a god, i`ll just continue with my god powers
I`ll just fly over the obstical
why sacrifice when you could do ` things " with me
I`m too busy plotting my revenge to sacrifice anything
3. What is your ultimate goal
take over everything and show my supreme might
Destroy those who betrayed me
follow all orders without thought
stop my friends and family from fighting
Get to the Sisters of Fate for no real reason
Have lots of sex
4. What is your weapon of choice
thunder bolts
My minions
love and peace
My crazyness
The blades of chaos
a rusty sword
I won`t fight unless nesassery
boob power
5. are you boy or girl
i don`t have a gender
6. are you happy with how your life has gone so far
no, i`m going to get killed
no, i`m lonely in the underworld
yes,except i`m dead
why not. i`m beyond sadness
no. i`m going to change it
i don`t have an opinion. ask my master
who wants to have me now
7. what would you order at a dinner
i don`t eat
fish legs
Divine nectar
8. there`s a group of monsters surrounding you. What do you do
kill them all in two seconds
fly away
join them
have someone protect me
fend them off if needed
stand my ground
do them
9. someone is in trouble. what do you do
save them
get them it more trouble
kill everyone
scare them with my insanity
help if I can
distract them with awsome breast power
10. what kind of music do you listen to
heavy rock
what my parents listen to
death classic
barry white
sophisticated/ peaceful music

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Created on:1/11/2008 2:43:45 PM
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