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Would I go out with you?
well.. find out and see.. (e)

1. are you confident?
Yes I dont care what others think I love being me
I am pretty confident but am a bit self concious
no i am self concious and everyones thoughts count
2. are you a christian? ( I am he is my whole life) ;)
Yes I love God he is my savior
Not really but am open to other religion
No way sorry i believe in something else
3. Are you forgiving?
Yes ppl do make mistakes and deserve forgiveness
well it would be hard but I guess so
No way you were wrong so forget it!
4. Do you think a great body/looks are very important
No I dont judge by looks. you are who you are
well I wouldn`t date an ugly person...
only date hot ppl
5. Would you go off with other girls
No i stay by my girl and others are out of the question
well I would go off with other girls but wouldnt flirt.. just hang out.
Sure i have heaps of gf
6. are you social?
oh yea party animal with a million friends
I like to hang out with friends but there are times when ya gotta be alone
no way i like to be alone all the time
7. My life is a mess what do you do?
Be there whatever whenever
well I would be there but give you some space
Thats your problem I have my own to deal with
8. Sense of humour? (be honest)
Yes I am and everyone knows it!
i am fairly funny and have a sense of humour
no I just cant joke around... I dont like others laughing at me
9. Are you friendly?
Yes I am nice to everone I meet
i try to be friendly..
only to my friends
10. Last one!. Would you actually consider going out with someone you met online?
No way who are you and what do you want.. lol
Maybe I would have to get to know them relly well tho
Thats what the computers for duh! hookin up!
11. will you rate? (plz do) if you like it plz comment and tell me what you got?
oh yea
no way
12. did you like?

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Created on:7/31/2007 3:29:56 AM
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