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Are you a Gleek?
A geek for Glee. Do you love the show enough to be an offical Gleek?

1. Rachel thinks of herself as......
The star!
The happy one
The rude one
2. Glee will be on in 5 minutes! What are you doing?
Checking to see if anything else is on, but if not you will watch Glee
Getting the popcorn and getting settled.
Turning on the TV
3. Sue is
The lady with the blonde hair
Some lady
The funniest cheerleading teacher EVER. Mean, but funny!
4. Did you watch the ending of the Season 1 the other night?
yes yes yes!!!
no no no!!
Some of it.
I wanted to, but was busy
5. What did Artie do when he found out the other team sang the song in the wheelchairs?
i dont know!
Um.. he was upset for sure....
Ramed himself into the wall for a while
6. Do you know when seasone 2 comes on?
No, but I was just about to look
not a clue
7. (From the last question) when does it come on?
May 14th
April 3rd
June 12th
April 13th
I still dont know!
8. Hope you liked the quiz.
And that`s how Sue Cs it!
Ok i did!
Do they must ask on every quiz?

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Created on:12/10/2009 8:51:44 PM
Made by:troopgirl

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