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Are you a girlygirl or tomboy?
Find out if your a girlygirl or a tomboy.

1. You go to the mall. What do you buy?
Gross the mall I rather go to the park and skateboard.
I`ll buy some stylish sneakers and some t-shirts.
I`ll buy whatevers trending and maybe some lipgloss and a short dress.
2. Yay! You get to style your room! You would most likely chose....
Pink walls, girly pink paintings, flower bed, diamond table, and a pink bookself.
Something simple like blue bed, bookself, blue walls, wood table, nothing glamy.
Blue flower bed, wooden bookself, pretty paintings, table, something stylish but not that girly.
3. Your closet is mostly filled with.....
Dresses and short skirts
Stylish shirts with some jeans and skirts
T-shirts and jeans
4. If you were a flower which would it be?
A flower?! I want to be a car!
5. Your friend says your more of a .......(won`t effect)
6. What do you wear when going to school or somewhere else?
A simple T-Shirt and some jeans
Colorful shirt some leggings and maybe a short demin skirt
7. What do you think of this quiz? (won`t effect)
I didn`t like it
8. Bye!
See you later weirdo

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Created on:9/26/2015 9:57:43 PM
Made by:kindness

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