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Are you a girly girl Tomboy or just plain jane  quiz. Hi First quiz to make Sorry if this quiz is bad So this quiz just decides if you either are a girly girl tomboy or just plain jane ENJOY Oh and Sorry for the grammar mistakes or anything Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you a girly girl?Tomboy or just plain jane?
Hi!First quiz to make!Sorry if this quiz is bad.So this quiz just decides if you either are a girly girl,tomboy or just plain jane?ENJOY!Oh,and Sorry for the grammar mistakes or anything!

1. Hi!how are you?
HI,I`m great!I got this brand new hot pink nail polish?Want some?[author:`no thank you.I`m good` *
Hey man wasup?I`m great!Just got back from basketball court.Shot some hoops with the dudes
hi,I`m fine
Hi,nice to meet you.
2. So,role play time(RP)You are at the mall with you friends.Where do you go to first?
I`m going to check out some converses,nikes,and cleats.See you later man.
I`m going to the bookshop and see if there`s anything good!
FOOD COURT!*runs with author to the food court*
Go and see what my friends are doing.I pretty much just got to get a pair of sneakers and go.
3. (Still RP!)What genre of movies do you like?
Horror!But I get scared easily and I cry and I ruined my makeup
I like them all.Just prefer. sci-fi though
ACTION!especially with guns firing and dudes bleeding!they`re cool man!
Romance,likes when the girls kisses the guy.It`s a very happy moment to look at!
4. (RP!)You see a guy stealing an old lady`s purse.what do you do?*author panicking*
I immediately call 911 but in someway try to help the old lady
I cry and ruined my makeup,then call 911 and cry again
I punch the bad guy in the face."you haven`t seen nothing on me yet!give back the old lady`s purse!
Call 911 and wait (author;"aren`t you helpful?"you:"I`m scared!")
5. (FINAL RP!)When a guy asks you out,where do you want it to be?
the beach.plain,simple but romantic
Take me to a UFC match!(author:`aren`t you a romantic?`
Take me to FRANCE it will be SO romantic.We can wear pretty clothes and makeup(author:ok)
6. FREEBIE!What do you want to get?
GIRLY girlzzzz
Tomboy!dude?do you not see my style?(author:"I can`t,we`re at a quiz!"...You:"ohh...yeah"
plain jane.Thank you
Plain jane pleasseeeeeee
7. Thanks for reading and taking this!leave a comment please?
KAY man!

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Created on:11/28/2013 3:43:43 AM
Made by:Belle1101

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