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What kind of girl are you  quiz. Are you a hard core tomboy or a nice prep  take this quiz and find out  you might not even be the ones I listed right now Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What kind of girl are you?
Are you a hard core tomboy or a nice prep, take this quiz and find out, you might not even be the ones I listed right now!

1. What is *plese don`t kill me!* you favorite color?
What does it matter man!!!
I like pink, it`s so pretty!
Black, red, purple, blue, or white
Alizarin, Burnt sienna, Cyan, etc.
Dark colors like the night, or red like blood.
Any color is fine by me.
Anything shinny!
Why do you care?
2. What is your favorite type of music?
Music is ok but I don`t have a favorite.
hip hop or/and pop
Rock music is the best!
Classical music.
Emo music...I agree whith it.
Any type of music, I like all of them
Hip Hop
You don`t need to know.
3. What is your opinion on sports?
Their awsome I kick @$$ is them!!!
I watch them because of hot guys! does that count?
Their ok but I rather listen to my music.
No I don`t like them, unless you counts chess.
I don`t care for sports, I`m to deppresed to care.
Sports are...sports
NO WAY I WILL PLAY!!! I mean, I could break a nail.
You probably won`t see me watching them...
4. QUICK! there is a fight going on, what do you do?
Watch but hide behind a guy.
You start taping the fight, this could be awsome for an AMV!
Run away, you don`t want to get in trouble.
I cut myself, it`s perfect time for none to see.
I watch the fight and do what the crowed is doing
I walk away before anyone sees me.
5. A cute guy in you math class asks you to go to a party at his house. You say yes and in the party he tries to kiss you! what do you?
You back away slowley and explain that your not that intrested yet.
You close your eyes and kiss him back.
Well one second your telling him your favorite band and the other second he`s trying to kiss you!wow
I don`t think he will want to kiss me but.. this stuff comes one time is a life time so go ahead!
You look down and say that your life is too complicated for this...and wait to see what he does next
You smile and try to decide what to do, but you probably kiss him.
You look around and see how much stuff he has, if he has some good stuff then heck yeah!
You break out of his arms and walk away. He doen`t know you well enough.
6. A girl sitting behind you in one of your classes or work (I forgot to add work on number 5 sorry) keeps teasing you about your hair. One day you get enough of it and turned around and say
"Iwhether you like it or not is your problem, because I COULD CARE LESS, now go away b!#$@"
"What don`t you like about it? I spent hours making it I don`t need you telling me this!"
"I like how it is because it represents who I am, if you don`t like it oh well then!"
"Would you please stop I`m trying to concentrate on this,"
"Shut up"
"Your hair is ugly too now leave me alone!"
"I don`t see anything pretty or shinny in your hair as I do so don`t you dare say anything else!"
You don`t say anything, she`s not going to stop anyways.
7. Your best friend gives you a diary for your birthday, what`s the kind of stuff you put in it?
"I JUST WON THE GAME! It was so awsome because when I started this teamate of mine was really..."
"And he just kept looking at me and I couldn`t stop smiling. I think his girlfriend hates me though`
"And then fireworks came out and the band was even wilder and...."
"I swear there is no way that all those fossils where found in...."
"Life simply sucks no matter what, like today my stupid..."
"Today was pretty much a boring day, I mean this girl at the mall just wouldn`t leave me alone"
"And it was like so cute but then this girl is like it`s 300$ but why do I care right!"
I don`t use it. I rather not let any evidence of what is in my mind.
8. Now the last question, look deep inside you because it determines a lot about you, close your eyes what do you see?
I see some guy friends, or last superbowl, or maybe even me betting Halo 3
I see myself with my friends and my boyfriend, were talking and laughing, I think it;s a party.
I don`t really see anything, I hear my favorite rock band.
Numbers..and lots of them.
Blood, suffering, death.
My friend, my family, me, school, etc.
Money and a lot of cute and expensie stuff.
Whatever I think about is nothing you need to know.

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Created on:2/22/2008 5:02:23 PM
Made by:RikkuRebeca

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