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What type of girl are you?
I watched a yuri animation and I thought of this... so yeah...

1. What did your best friend look like when you first met her?
She was wearing a hoodie, tight leggings, an anime T-shirt and sneakers.
She was wearing black pants and a neon T-shirt.
I hang out with guys ...
2. Have you had any mental problems in the past? (EDs, anti-social disorders, depression, etc.)
I`ve had two problems.
I`ve had three problems.
One problem.
No problems .
3. Choose the one that applies to you:
I procrastinate a lot...
I`m happy today!
Where is my sketch book...?
4. How often do you swear, or use vulgar language?
All the time. My parents/guardian yells at me all the time.
A bit. Not much though.
5. You and your friend are _______.
Fan-girling over this one anime guy together...
In love.
Weird....but we love each other anyway.
6. Which sounds scarier?
Losing my phone on an airplane.
A room full of spiders...
Dying a virgin.

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Created on:4/9/2016 11:46:31 AM
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