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what kind of girl are you  quiz. find out what kind of girl you are by taking this quiz im not giving away what the awnsers might be Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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what kind of girl are you?
find out what kind of girl you are by taking this quiz im not giving away what the awnsers might be!

1. you see your best friend getting bullied what do you do
i dont have any friends i prefer to read at breaktime
go and tell the teacher
tease your friend and tell them to walk off
ask the bully if he wants a fight
try and ignore incase the bully picks on you
tell the bully to stop he knows not to mess with you
go and grab your friends hand glare at the bully then walk away
2. its lunch time at school you drop your food all over the floor and on the most populaur girl in school what would you do?
i would try not to but i would burst out laughing
i would be scared inside but bravley say im very very sorry can i help clean you up
well i would usually consider myself as the most populaur in the school/class
i probly would have done that on purpose and say loudly WHOOPS sorry then walk of giggling
3. you have just been asked out by the coolest boy in school....
what crush!!!
i could ask anyone out they would always say yes
i already have a crush but if it was the coolest boy in the school i would dump my old crush
ughhhh i wish :(
4. what are you most interested in
hanging out with friends
being outside
5. do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend
well i have a crush......
no but i have once
never have never will
no time for one!
6. when im older i want to be (or i am a)
somthing to do with beauty
an office job
i cant decide
a scientest or somthing like that
JOB! no time for that party is what i had in mind!
7. what do you think your awnser will be
absoulutely awsome!!
miss populaur
that is not all of the results by the way so if you think your somthing else pick this awnser.
8. what do YOU think people think of you?
i dont really know
perhaps the shy quite type
the coolest person ever!
if you wanna have a good time hang out with me for a while
well they might say im quite boring but only in school i save my energy for after school

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Created on:8/21/2011 1:26:23 PM
Made by:maisiexD

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