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What Kind of Girl Are You  Girls Only  quiz.  Please don t take this too seriously  Take this quiz and find out what kind of girl you are   Girly  sporty  funny  etc   Enjoyy        Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Kind of Girl Are You *Girls Only*
*Please don't take this too seriously* Take this quiz and find out what kind of girl you are! (Girly, sporty, funny, etc.) Enjoyy ~(^.^)~

1. What are your hobbies?
Drawing and being creative
Playing sports and being active!
Nothing...or is it really?
Studying or reading! ^.^
Laugh and tell jokes!
2. What word would most likely describe you?
3. What do you think about when you`re at school?
Come on recess/break/end of school, I wanna play some sports!
Come on lunch break!! Im so hungry!!!
Ughh, I just want to go shopping now.
I have to do my best! I have to do my best!
Nothing...or is it?
Hahaha! Gotta tell some jokes and make people laugh after a stressful day! *thinks of some jokes*
After school, I HAVE to practice my singing/drawing/instrument!
Some game hacks, some game hacks. Or oh I just have to go on facebook/ instagram/ etc !!!
4. Lastly, did you enjoy this quiz? It was really short but it was the first quiz I ever made. (Answer does not affect score)
Yeah, it was pretty good for a first timer
Mmm...you can do better
Not at all! Such a disgrace to the quizing society!
Good work! I`ll probably take another of your quizes! ^.^
No, not that fun. Not that good. Sorry.
It was okay. :-]

About This Quiz
Times Taken:6,648
Created on:7/11/2013 7:47:40 AM
Made by:random_gurly

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