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What gender are you?
Many genders as answers! What gender are you? (Please note that this isn’t 100% accurate because only you know).

1. What sex were you assigned at birth?
I don’t wish to say (this will impact results)
2. What gender do you currently identify as?
The one I was assigned at birth.
The one opposite of what I was assigned at birth.
Something besides the one assigned at birth
I identify as no gender.
My gender changes often. Sometimes one a day to multiple or none at a time.
I feel like I’m both male and female (or male and non-binary, etc) at the same time.
I’m currently questioning my gender.
3. What do you think about the way you look? (Gender wise)
I’m fine with how I look.
I’m not masculine/feminine enough.
I’m too masculine/feminine.
I’m not androgynous enough.
I’m not both masculine and feminine enough.
I only look like one gender but I feel like multiple right now
I have no idea how I feel.
4. Do you ever experience dysphoria? If so, how badly?
No I don’t
Yes I do and it’s bad
Yes but not badly
5. What have you done to help look like the gender you feel like?
I cut/grew out my hair.
I wear clothes typical to the opposite sex of what I was born as.
I wear androgynous clothes.
I wear whatever.
I bind/pack or wear a bra/tuck along with hair and clothes typical to opposite sex of birth sex.
6. Last question. If you had to live as your birth sex for the rest of your life and everyone knew and called you by those pronouns, birth name, and you had to look the part, how would you feel?
I’d be okay with that.
I would hate that.
I would be eh about it.
I don’t know...

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